General information


The Mendel's Biology International  Olympiad (MBIO) is an annual competition for secondary school students (9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grades). The students are being tested on tackling biological problems and conducting biological experiments. Curiosity, creativity, and perseverance are highly valued.


Aims of the MBIO

The MBIO competition is held for secondary school students who are deeply interested in biology. By bringing together gifted students, the MBIO stimulates and fosters students' interest in learning biology and encourage them to value intellectual pursuits. The objectives of the competition are to:

‒ Stimulate deep interest in biological studies;

‒ Promote networking and communication between students; 

‒ Promote the exchange of ideas about biology education.



Mendel's Biology International Olympiad (MBIO) was named after Gregor Johann Mendel, an Austrian biologist, botanist, and abbot - Augustinian friar. Founder of the doctrine of heredity. MBIO was founded by Myrzabek Alibayev in May 2017. Myrzabek Alibayev is a bronze medalist of IBO 2011, and an experienced coach for the International Biology Olympiad. MBIO is held every year since 2017. The first MBIO was held on May 27, 2017.




               MBIO Operational Guidelines